Loot 2

Light weight looting.

The idea here is that there are a lot of small things that you might want to take to sell but it’s a lot of effort for you to have to record all the clutter you come across. To that end smaller items will be subject to a quick sell rule where we assume you take some of the clutter with you just for the purposes of selling later and just give you the money for it now rather than you having to write it all down.

Standard items

Unless you state to me before loot is rolled that you are interested in standard quality weapons, items and armour, I’m just going to give you some (not the total sell value of the pieces because you aren’t taking it all) gold in place of such items on the assumption that you would take some small bits you could carry and sell them on.

Magical items consumable (pots, scrolls etc.)

Similarily to above, but because they tend to be way way more valuable I will assume you want to pick through this stuff manually before quick selling it. When you’ve decided what to sell, a fair price based on a CHA roll.

Magical weapons and armour

Because this stuff is heavier and you can’t just whack it in a bag, you will need to record the item and sell it manually. This is in order to insure that we don’t just skyrim/darksouls it up and carry like 20 surplus sets of chain mail around.

You find two pots and decide you want to keep 1 of them but don’t want the other, one of you rolls a CHA, I say you will get X gold for the pot you don’t like and you keep the other one.

Retroactive treasure

Gross party wealth

6000gp * 4 (players) * 1.25 (no expenses) = 30,000gp

Minus magical items that make up part of that

  • Sams Composite Long Bow: 400GP
  • Potion of Enlarge person {1st/1st} : 50gp
  • Potion of Darkness {2nd/3rd} : 300gp
  • Arcane Scroll, Ray of frost {0/1st} : 12gp sold
  • 24 charge wand of Protection from evil {1st/1st} : 360
  • Potion of Continual flame {2nd/3rd} : 350gp sold
  • Potion of Virtue {0/1st} : 25gp sold
  • Potion of Bear’s endurance {2nd/3rd} : 300gp
  • Arcane Scroll, Shocking grasp {1st/1st} : 25gp sold
  • Arcane Scroll, Magic weapon {1st/1st}: 25gp
  • Elaborate cane (MW club) : 300gp sold
  • Ring of Protection +1 : 2000gp
  • wand of incestuous soul transfer : 2835gp (quick sell rule doesn’t apply as this is a pretty nasty contraption, that a normal vendor wouldn’t touch).+

Total = 6994 – 385 (sold) = 6609gp

Net party wealth

(30,000 – 6609) 23,391gp

retroactive shopping


  • Potion of Mage Armour 50gp
  • Potion of Endure Elements 50go
  • Potion of Bull’s Strength x2 300gp
  • Potion of Barkskin 300gp
  • Potion of Cure Light Wounds 50gp
  • Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds 300gp
  • Potion of Blur x2 300gp
  • Potion of Darkvison 300gp



  • Scare (3rd); 375gp
  • Pyrotechnics (3rd); 375gp
  • Disrupt Undead (1st); 25gp
  • True Strike (1st); 25gp
  • Disguise Self (1st); 25gp
  • Feather Fall (1st); 25gp
  • Shatter (3rd); 375gp
  • Enlarge Person (1st); 25gp
  • Magic Mouth (3rd); 375gp
  • Owl’s Wisdom (3rd); 375gp
  • Minor Image (3rd); 375gp
  • Shocking Grasp (1st); 25gp
  • Comprehend Languages (1st); 25gp
  • Flaming Sphere (3rd); 375gp
  • Invisibility (3rd); 375gp
  • Misdirection (3rd); 375gp
  • Gaseous Form (5th); 1125gp
  • Touch of Idiocy (3rd); 375gp
  • Daze Monster (3rd); 375gp
  • Alarm (1st); 25gp
  • Scorching Ray (3rd); 375gp
  • Acid Arrow (3rd); 375gp
  • Stinking Cloud (5th); 1125gp
  • Hold Monster (9th); 3825gp
  • Fly (5th); 1125gp


  • Sound Burst (3rd); 375gp
  • Hide from Undead (1st); 25gp
  • Remove Blindness/Deafness (5th); 1125gp
  • Continual Flame (5th); 1125gp
  • Cure Critical Wounds (7th); 2275gp
  • Control Water (7th); 2275gp
  • Wind Wall (5th); 1125gp


  • Protection +1 2000gp
  • Jumping, Improved 10000gp
  • Chameleon Power 12700gp


  • Metamagic, Silent 3000gp
  • Metamagic, Enlarge 11,000gp
  • Immovable 5000gp
  • Metamagic, Enlarge, Lesser 3000gp
  • Fire 18950gp


  • Hold Person (45 charges) 10125gp
  • Daze Monster(50 charges) 4500gp
  • Shatter (3 charges) 270gp

Wondrous Items

  • Restorative Ointment 4000gp
  • Horn of Goodness/Evil 6500gp
  • Cloak of Resistance +1 1000gp
  • Ioun Stone, Pale Lavender Ellipsoid 20000gp
  • Cloak of Resistance +3 9000gp
  • Pearl of Power (2nd) 4000gp


  • Heavy Steel Shield +1 x2 1020gp
  • Half-Plate +1 1600gp
  • Chain Shirt +3 9100gp
  • Heavy Steel Shield +3 9020gp
  • Darkwood Buckler 203gp


  • Adamantine Dagger, Flaming 4002gpHand Crossbow +1 1050gp
  • Flail +3, Viscious 10008gp

Survey results

Q2 Prevalence of magical Items

Fine as it is (Rare/very rare)

Buy-able in shops, dropping from mobs (pathfinder standard, also about what Joe runs (I think))

Buy-able in shops for expensive, dropping from boss mobs (Somewhere in the middle)

Not enough loot, Less magical than standard faire, more magical than before. Because there is 1 vote for lots more magical items I’ll sum up the new amount as “somewhere in the middle+”

Q3 Lewt tables – mobs What kind/amount of lewts would you like to drop.

Current+) More lewt but still relevent to mob (All well and good, but if you are adventuring in a forest, you probably won’t get any lewts from any of the mob). (common/relevant)

MMO-) Money and items drop from wolves, but lewts are uncommon (uncommon/non-relative)

MMO) Most encounters drop something. (common/relative)

More loot than before, vote split between gamey (mmo) and none gamey. Will try to go down the middle. More volume, dropping relevantly where possible, but at least some loot will be available from some mobs no matter what you are fighting.

Q4 Lewt – dungeons (chests and what not) What kind/amount of lewts would you like to drop.

Current) Not a lot, and relevant to locale when it does appear (i.e. chests from most dungeons you come across have likely already been picked clean). (reletive)

MMO) Treasure chests because dungeon area(non-relative/JRPG)

More lewts, find ways of having it available in adventures with some concern for relevance to locale.

Loot 2

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