Capital city of Calm and the seat of it’s Government.



25 gp Potion of Light
50 gp Potion of Mage Armor
50 gp Potion of Goodberry
300 gp Potion of Obscure Object
300 gp Potion of Aid
300 gp Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds
300 gp Potion of Align Weapon
750 gp Potion of Protection from energy, sonic {3rd/5th}
750 gp Potion of Magic fang, greater {3rd/5th}


150 gp Arcane Scroll of Rope Trick
375 gp Arcane Scroll, Wind wall {3rd/5th}
375 gp Arcane Scroll of Water Breathing
375 gp Arcane Scroll of Magic Circle against Law


302 gp Masterwork Dagger, punching
312 gp Masterwork Mace, heavy
8310 gp Lance +2

Armour + Shields

1000 gp Bracers of armor +1 sold
1170 gp +1 Heavy Steel Shield


2500 gp Ring of Swimming
4000 gp Ring of Counterspells
8600 gp Ring of the Ram

Minor W.I.

1200 gp Dust of Illusion
5400 gp Eversmoking bottle
8700 gp Necklace of fireballs type VII


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