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  • Calm

    *Size (Area):* Approx 420,000 square miles. A temperate and largely green country, landlocked to the south and east by [[Asoit]] and [[Iborecia]] respectively. The [[Calm Sea]] skirts its east and north borders, however the mountain range to the north …

  • Iborecia

    Iborecia lies to the East of [[Calm]] and the two share healthy political relations, a number of trade pacts and even some limited military alliance.

  • Asoit

    A land to the south of [[Calm]], Asoit is a cold, mountainous region of the continent. Occupied by numerous (largely Orc or Half Orc) tribes loosely united under the banner of one warlord. Whilst this means that on paper, the people of Asoit are as one, …

  • Unendabard

    Unendabard is a small island kingdom that lies West North West of [[Calm]] over the [[Calm Sea]]. The Kingdom has recently come to prominence (in the past 50 years) due to its trade in exotic and distinctively styled silk clothing. Calm has been the …