The King's Guild

Night 13
Unlucky for gimpli

The ever grateful captain Brennon offers the party a relaxing holiday to the town of Aldsummer, of course as members of the king’s guild there will be work to do, but just the investigation of some run of the mill burglaries.

After a smooth journey the party spy one of the last remaining walled towns in Kalm, most other walled towns had been torn down or left to ruin, however this one was too well maintained for a peaceful area.

Upon entering the town the party head to meet their contact “Beadle” at the parish church. Inspite of him having asked for aid from the king’s guild Beadle seems dismissive and recommends that the party ask the other clerical staff for more information on such a menial task.

Beadles blatant dislike of the townsfolk was noted, and with further investigation of the other townsfolk it became apparent that something odd was happening in this seemingly peaceful hamlet.

In every break in, nothing of value was taken however all of the mirrors in the house were smashed. The party query of their are any vendors in town who specialise in mirrors but are simply directed to the furniture shop.

The party paid a visit to a wealthy couple who had been victims of a break in, although there were no signs of forced entry they believed that the maids had left a door open allowing the intruder in. Even in a house filled with valuables nothing was stolen. Once again though the mirrors had been smashed.

The lady of the manor insisted that they repair her favourite mirror, a family heirloom, however it was soon noticed that a shard was missing. Vori ask’s if she can borrow the mirror intending to have a more experienced mage cast scrying to locate the missing part. The wealthy family consent and the party head to meet the local mage and her home.

It quickly becomes apparent that the mage had also been burgled, same MO and a piece of her mirror was also missing. The entourage begin to suspect that in a world of magic mirrors that someone could be attempting to construct their own. The mage speculates that as mirrors are known to capture periods of time that this may be what the theif was after, and finally adds a chilling thought, “if they’re after what has been captured by the mirror…(ellipsis) that would be me wouldn’t it?”

Still untrusting of the mage Vori requests that Leonara and her eidolon continue to survey the mage overnight. The rest of the group report to the tavern to rest.

Gimpli is awoken by a loud sound, he immediately grabs for his mace and shield in a panic, casting light upon them to help with his fear of the dark. Eyes wide he scans the room for the source of the sound seeing nothing but feeling he is under constant observation. His eyes dart around the room as he tries to calm himself. He catches glimpse of a figure in the mirror, but then nothing, he moves closer and notices four claw marks on the glass. Gimpli hears the beats of his own heart and continues toi stare into the mirror.

The vision ripples, gimpli’s eyes change, then his armour and tunic until he no longer looks like himself,


The breaking of the mirror brings Gimpli back to himself, he quickly bangs on the neighbouring wall to awake Ennal. Gimpli explains the situation and ask’s Ennal to fetch Vori as she may have more knowledge on what is happening.

Based on the parties previous experience with mirrors Vori recommends that they try and repair the mirrior and turn it over, this has no effect.

Come morning the party return to Beadle in the church. Seemingly in a more helpful mood he confirms that townsfolk have been going missing following these burglaries, some have fled the town others cannot be located at all. He also mentioned an antique mirror collector who lives in the town. With raised eyebrows and insults under their breath the party head towards the collectors home.

A knock at the door reveals that no one is home, the party subtly enter the house noticing it to be a very spartan place. A scan of the house reveals a source of magic coming from the attic, when nearing the entrance the party can see that the ladder has been already pulled down to allow access.

Cautiously heading up into the attac the party see a small table again the far wall containing items emitting magic wrapped in handkerchiefs, one seemingly more powerful than the others. The party quickly deduce that these are the stolen shards of mirror. Next to he table is a large rectangular shape covered in a sheet and at its feet lies the corpse of the mirror collector clutching another shard of mirror, his body has suffered multiple stab wounds likely from a sword.

Leonara moves to the covered object and pulls of the sheet revealing, to no ones surprise, a mirror constructed of shards of broken mirror, she collects the piece from the collectors hand and moves towards the mirror, the party watch with baited breath as her expression changes, Reflected in the mirror is a patchwork humanoid figure standing behind Leonara. The figure in the mirror grasps Leonara’s reflection around the neck and begins to strangle her; the real Leonara, feels the cold smooth hands close around her neck. She manages to break free and roll away. When the party looks back to the mirror, the patchwork figure has left.

Night 11 and 12
War, huh?

The party finish their battles in the arena, defeating a young black dragon with ease (imba). The party are taken to the chief who states that he is fairly sure that the robed man is full of it and that he intending to have the robed man arrested and questioned. At this point the robed man attacks, threatening the party before conveniently introducing Arno (shock horror) to pose a far more level appropriate last boss for the adventure. Arno is defeated but escapes. In the morning the chief says that he intends to open up peace talks with Calm and has the party escorted back home with a letter for Calm’s king. The party returns, talks to Brennon and gives the letter over.

Night 10
Trial by Combat

The party stood atop a small hill overseeing the town of Kegth below. The town had high walls all around its circumference, with only two entrances marked with massive gates. The main entrance was at the front, with a tertiary entrance to the side for access to the river. Both entrances had multiple guards, both inside and outside the walls, which would make any kind of infiltration; whether it be stealthy or forceful; very difficult. As they were here on official business from Calm, the party decided that it would make the most sense to attempt to approach the town peacefully and request an audience with the Warchief.

They approached the front gate with Vori (as the official representative of the group) and Ennel (as the only Orc in the party) taking the lead in order to ask for an audience. Leonara stayed at the back and kept her hood up, in the hope that if the Orcs did not realise that she was an Elf, she would have an easier time. Begrudgingly, the guards allowed the party inside the city walls and led them to the Warchief’s chamber.

The Warchief’s chamber was grand, with a number of guards encircling the room. At the opposite end to the door stood a tiered structure with a set of stairs in the centre leading upwards. On each level of the structure stood 4 advisors – 2 on either side. At the centre of the structure, on the top level, was the Warchief in his throne, flanked on either side by his two most senior advisors. On his right stood a huge, burly Orc, with heavy armour and weapons, which the party assumed was a high ranking military official. On the left of the Warchief stood a human-sized figure in brown robes, his face almost entirely obscured by his hood. The party immediately recognised him as being the same man who had caused them trouble in the past. However, they decided not to react to his presence, as they did not wish to displease the Warchief.

The party tried to explain to the Warchief that the attacks against the Orc’s lands, while seeming to originate from Calm, were actually the work of a third party, and that representatives had gone missing from Calm under suspicious circumstances, at the same time that representatives in Kegth had vanished. The Warchief was dismissive of the party’s claims, stating that they had no evidence. Vori suggested that they prove their loyalty and honesty through trial by combat, but the Warchief refused, stating he would rather resolve this diplomatically than with violence.

When pressed further regarding the disappearance of representatives in Kegth, the Warchief revealed that they had been burned to a crisp in their homes. Gimpli asked whether there was a perfectly circular burn mark underneath the victims, which the Warchief confusedly confirmed was the case. Gimpli then attempted to tell the Warchief that they had found the same marks in the homes of the missing representatives in calm, but he felt a smothering force fall upon him, and was not able to speak any other words than “I see”. Shocked by what had happened to him, Gimpli lost focus on the conversation and attempted to say the same words under his breath, to see if whatever spell it was that had affected him restricted what he could say or what others could hear. He discovered that when no-one else could hear, he was able to say the same words successfully without issue.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party had attempted to turn the discussion around, asking what evidence the Warchief had that the attacks had definitely originated from Calm. The Warchief motioned to the brown-robed man who drew a wand out from under his robe. This wand, it was said, was connected to Calm, and testing had shown that it creates the same type of fireballs that had been assaulting the Orc’s lands.

The Warchief then motioned to another of his advisors, who threw an obsidian box at the party’s feet, and commanded them to pick it up. Ennel picked up the box and opened it. Inside the party found the fire ring which they had seen previously retrieved from the goblin king. The party were preparing to respond to these allegations when the ring violently erupted, shooting a large fireball at a nearby wall, blasting a hole in it and incinerating the nearby guards.

Seeing this as an act of aggression, the guards encircling the room mobilised and started charging towards the party. The party quickly raised their weapons and prepared their spells, ready for a fight, Vori raised her hands in the air to appeal for calm and the Warchief called out to his men, commanding them arrest but not harm the party.

Exasperated at the situation, and unsure how to continue, the Warchief conceded to the party’s earlier suggestion of trial by combat, instructing the guards to escort them to the cells in the coliseum.

Upon arriving at the coliseum, the party were led into a large room, and left alone to prepare for the upcoming battles. Gimpli attempted to tell the party of the feeling he’d felt when trying to speak before, but the same heaviness fell over him again, however it was certainly weaker than before. Through force of will he was able to overcome it this time, and told the party what had happened. He asked Vori if she could investigate what might be causing this phenomenon, and Vori confirmed that the entire area was enveloped in some kind of evocation magic, noting that she would have expected the aura to be abjuration. Vori remarked that she could not investigate it in any more detail as she needed to rest before the battle.

The rest of the party followed suit, and made preparation for the challenges ahead.

At 9am the next morning, some guards arrived to lead the party into the coliseum for their first challenge. The coliseum was much as you’d expect one to be – a large, round, high walled area, surrounded by tiered seating, although there were no spectators. The only person watching over the proceedings was the Warchief, from a throne at the opposite end. Beneath the Warchief were a large pair of gates, which were slowly being opened.

Through the gates burst a large insect-like beast, with 6 legs and huge mandibles. The party stood their ground and prepared for battle, while Leonara prepared a hugely powerful shot from her bow. She released the arrow which pierced straight through a cluster of the beast’s eyes, ripping off multiple pieces of chitin and severely wounding the creature. Visibly very shaken, but still alive, the furious beast charged at them and spat a volley of acid over the party, causing them to be leg disabled. Leonara and Ennel were able to nimbly dodge out of the way of this and were only lightly sprinkled, but unfortunately the other party members got hit. However the beast had been so wounded by Leonara’s shot that a single powerful strike from Ennel was enough to destroy the creature’s head, and send the body tumbling to the ground.

The party was escorted back to the cell in order to prepare for the next battle, where Gimpli healed the wounded.

A short time later guards appeared to once again lead the party into the coliseum. This time, as they entered they noticed that an area in the centre had been cleared, and that inside it sat 3 chests. Being naturally cautious, the party approached the chests gingerly, when suddenly they sprouted tentacles, revealing themselves to be mimics.

One mimic spat an adhesive, pinning Gimpli to the floor, but other than this the mimic’s didn’t put up much of a fight. The rest of the party easily defeated them while Gimpli was swinging his mace wildly trying to hit something.

Once again guards took the party back to their room, to prepare for what would certainly be their hardest battle yet…

Night 9
The journey south

Upon their return to Eloith the party headed for a debriefing with Captain Brennon. After explaining the situation the found in Unendabard, their quest into the Unendabardian temple and the return trip. The party asked Brennon when they could have an audience with Councilman Lanstrom. Brennon informed the party that The councilor had been missing for a number of weeks. He organised a meeting for party with a member of the Mage Guild in order to investigate any magical properties of the jewel further. However, the next day when the party attended the meeting, Arno Graveltoes does not appear. After apologising to the representative from the Mage Guild, the party split into two groups. The first group set off to the council chambers in which Lanstrom disappeared. They discovered, in a corridor that lead off from the chambers (the last place the councilor was seen), a scorch mark about 3 foot in diameter on the stone floor and adjacent walls. Meanwhile the second group headed to Arno’s house in order to look for him. After knocking the door to no avail they decided break in. They did not find Arno inside and noted that the house did not look like it had been lived in for several months; on the floor was a scorch mark. The party reformed and decided to search out the councilors aides in order to question them. In both of the aide’s houses they found an almost identical set of circumstances; houses empty of their owners, with evidence that suggested a lack of residency for a number of months and scorch marks on the floor.

The next day the party were summoned to a meeting with Brennon. Syros was being re-assigned and the party were introduced to his replacement Vori. Vori was a Calm spy working in Asoit. He is the only formally assigned Calm citizen to return from Asoit since just before the hostilities began, all others (diplomats, ambassodors etc) have gone silent and failed to return. Vori speaks of attacks, apparently originating from Calm, bombarding Asoit lands and villages. The party were then assigned a new mission: Due to the recent skirmishes against an influx of Orc raiding parties, the dissapearence of Calm officials and the troubling revelations brought to light by Vori, the party was charged with discovering the root of these incidents, and, if possible, begin a peaceful dialogue with the Asoit chief.

The party set off and crossed the border south without incident. As they made their way south-east towards The Asoit capital city of Kegth, the party passed several villages; the first two, those closest to the border with Calm had been almost completely burnt out, the only remnants being the occasional charred rafter or wall post. Elsewhere around the area were patches of earth (6-12 foot diameter) where the grass had been burnt away and the ground cracked from heat. As the party ventured further south on their journey, they encountered several hosts of Orcs heading north towards Calm, the last of which, about a day out of Kegth, numbered at at around 1-1.5k. Ennal of Phistor spoke to members some of the smaller hosts (the rest of the party hid from sight); everyone Ennal spoke to said pretty much the same thing, Calm had attacked them and that they were mobilizing in preparation for potential hostilities.

With the Capital now in sight, the party resides on a cliff side and discuss how to approach the Orc city.

NIght 8
The return to Calm

The party escaped the house via the basement door. Looking back at the house, a thick grey smoke like substance filled the house and writhed against the windows. The party made their way around to the front of the house, staving off the relentless attacks of the endlessly copied occupants of the house and as they approached the frontage, the house’s ornate double doors burst into splinters and the smoke like substance oozed out taking the shape of the demon Kajarn as it did so. This demon appeared to be able to teleport and attack instantaneously. Eventually defeated by the players, the demon’s essences was sucked back into the roiling mass of energy that still filled the house. No sooner had the party began to lower their guard, when the timbers began to groan as the energy strained against it. The structure of the mansion burst outward under the pressure of the energy, as debris rained down around the party. the energy, now free, began to take a new form; armoured with large, ragged chunks of the house, the form while unmistakably Kajarn was now much bulkier. Debris from the house spun around the demon as if caught in the throes of a tornado and the players had to smash their way to their foe, dodging, stone and timber fragments as well as the crushing blows from the 8.5 meter fiend itself. Finally the party subdued the demon, as it’s essence dissipated into the surrounding atmosphere, the ghostly apparition of the teenage girl who had began this whole detour could be seen momentarily before her form broke up and flitted away as if on the same wind which carried the one who had for so long tormentor her soul.

The party decided to search the wreckage of the house and found what looks like a wand, tipped with an opal about 4 inches long and 3 wide, the wand has a golden handle which makes up the rest of its 10 inch length. The opal is affixed to the handle with 4 golden claws at 90 degrees from one another that curve perfectly around the lower half of the Opal.

With the curse lifted, the villagers are more than happy to lend assistance to the damaged caravan and the party set off, completing their journey without further incident.

Night 7 – Kinky Bumps in the Night

Although clearly startled, nimbly did Leonara evade the lunge and with all her usual grace land perfectly after her triple backflip out of harm’s way. The party steeled themselves for what was to come, with Ennal standing tall at the fore, shorter Gimpli behind him and the appropriately diminutive Arno behind he.

No sooner did the ghastly master and his foul servitors rise than they were assailed by a flurry of blows that rained down upon them. The party did beat and chop and beat again, for in such close quarters that the room presented there was little opportunity for finesse, until the apparitions were once again reduced to mulch and disappeared.

Lacking any other recourse as to their plight then, the party gathered and ventured forth to the next floor where they hoped for something – anything, really – to enable their immediate evacuation from the nightmare.

Their findings were less than encouraging.

The maid’s room was a shrine of obsession. Not a patch of wall was left for all the mirrors that hung there, enough to bend and twist a poor soul’s sanity. So it did too, as evidenced by a diary that kept a bleak record of her descent into madness. They tried as they might to call out to the distant memory of her they saw trapped in the mirrors, but she was only disquieted by their cussing and indecent proposals as she sat there on the bedside largely unawares.

Perhaps in a stroke of brilliance or simply petty larceny, they removed one of the mirrors to carry with them as they proceeded down the hall. It proved only a hindrance however as it failed to capture the image of the new surroundings and soon was but a portal for another ghostly limb. The abrupt groping had Leonara uncharacteristically off-guard, for she proceeded to drop the mirror and it shattered along with the offending appendage.

The majority of the rooms were bereft of any features of note and barring one that ended with a brief encounter with the phantoms once more were wholly uneventful. Upon retracing their ships however, the party spied the girl whom had at once beseeched their aid and contributed to their incarceration here. They chased, knowing not what else to do, but were quite unable to pass through walls as she did. However, their approximation of her path lead to a little alcove, which itself concealed a secret none of them could have ever conceived!!

. . .

Next they went to the basement.

It was clearly the laboratory of the master. Bookcases and apparatus were strewn around the large, dirt floor interior. They were particularly drawn to a conspicuous desk, whose contents revealed the man’s depraved interests. There were countless grimoires detailing esoteric practices, with genealogies of demonic creatures and a studies of chronomancy.

Yet it was the final, reinforced doorway that held the biggest secret thus far. Within was bound a demon, whose incarceration – or simply his twisted ‘design’ – meant that he was little more than a withered husk, all trace of muscle having fallen to atrophy. It did not take it much convincing, and was in a way glad to tell of its plight: a prisoner harvested for his unholy seed, that it might be bestowed on the tormented girl and bring forth the master’s darkest desires. Alas, the demon regaled, this was eventually thwarted by the resulting offspring of a previous, failed attempt. Even now this ‘other’ resided inside, outside and inbetween the existence of the house, causing the time distortions and the party’s entrapment.

Suddenly, the phantom occupants of the house were heard descending after them from above! In haste, they slew the bound demon at his pleas, before rushing to meet the battle. Upon realizing their enemy now advanced without relent, each time rising anew, they construed a strategy to leave a blaze of fire in their wake and escape through the exterior cellar doors to the grounds!

Night 6 - The House of the Dead

After an eventless boat trip, the party arrived back in Unendabard. We decided to head back to Captain Brennon to report on the outcome of our mission; to this end, we decided to accompany a convoy back to Serendipity. There had been some reports of attacks in the area, and while we did see some camps in the distance, it appeared that the journey was going to continue without incident.

However, at that moment, a figure of a ghostly girl suddenly appeared in front of the convoy, whispering “help me”. This startled the horses, causing the carriage to topple over, crushing some of the guards and damaging one of the carriage’s wheels. By the time the party had realised what had happened, the girl had disappeared. The party quickly set to work in healing the injured guards and freeing those that had been trapped when the carriage fell over.

We decided that we would need some professional assistance to get the carriage back up and running, however we did not want to leave the people in the convoy alone, due to the recent reported attacks. Arno and Syros headed north to the village of Headland Edge, to attempt to find a carpenter who could help repair the broken wheel.

There was something immediately eerie about the village; there seemed to be very few people about. Arno and Syros went into the nearest shop, to ask if there was a carpenter in town who would be able to help them. However, the despondent shopkeeper simply replied that they should not have come to the town; that they were now trapped here, as it was impossible to leave. They questioned the shopkeeper further, however it seemed that he was either unable or unwilling to give them more information as to why they could not leave.

Meanwhile, Leonara had sent her hawk to check on Arno and Syros’ progress. Upon getting the feeling from the hawk that the pair might be in trouble, and having restored all the convoy’s guards to health, the rest of the party headed north to the village. They met up with Arno and Syros, who explained what they’d been told.

Suddenly, the sky went black, as if the sun had been turned out. A veil of blackness could be seen starting at the edges of the village, and slowly moving towards the centre. In addition, ghosts were appearing around the party, and slowly chasing them. The party looked around and realised that this artificial night was centered on a large house which lay at the top of a hill, and so ran towards it, in an attempt to find out what was causing the darkness.

Upon reaching the house, the party try to open every door and window they come across, only to find that they do not move at all. Spells are cast, but the party is unable to ascertain whether these doors are being held closed by a magical force, although it certainly feels that way, as they do not move at all. At this point, the ghosts have caught up the party, and are just about to spectrally rape them, when suddenly the veil, ghosts, and darkness all fade, and the party are left not knowing what they just experienced.

The party decide to try and enter the house again, as it’s clear that whatever this phenomenon was, it originated from there. To their surprise, they find that the front door is now unlocked, and able to be easily opened. They step into the house in trepidation, unsure what they will find inside.

They start exploring rooms in the bottom floor of the house, however it appears that no-one has lived here in ages. The furniture is covered up, and every surface is thick with dust. Just as the party believe they are alone, a ghostly figure of an old man with a cane appears and speaks to them. He tells them that they will die, because “he” has wished it so. When they try to question the man as to the identity of this antagonist, they are met with silence. They attempt to attack the man, however their attacks go right through him, and he disappears, laughing.

The party proceed into what they assume is the main room downstairs. In this room, there are a couple of dusty, old chairs, in front of a fireplace with a large mirror above it. The party looked into the mirror, and discovered that the view in the mirror was that of this room, however it looked like it was in the past. There was an old man with a cane and an elderly woman sitting in the chairs, and they’re having a discussion, however the sound is muffled and the party cannot make out what the pair are saying. Leonara reaches out to touch the mirror, and much to her surprise, her hand goes right through it. On her hand, she can feel the warmth of the fire beneath the mirror; as it is lit in this ‘mirror-world’. Despite the fact that the pair in the chairs are looking at the mirror, neither of them respond to what would, on their end, look like a hand coming out of the mirror. Leonara proceeds to stick her whole head through the mirror, and finds that once she is on the other side, she can clearly hear the discussion. The discussion is talking about a girl whose birthday is coming up, but she “has bled”, and they sound concerned that because she is not suitable, something will go wrong. However, they decide that they are going ahead with it anyway, as there are no other options.

At this moment, a maid enters the mirror-room. She is dressed in dirty, tattered clothes, and looks very out of place in this clean, posh household. She places down drink for the pair, and then turns around her face and hands are rotten and desiccated. Upon seeing Leonara in the mirror, she reaches out her hand and screams, and starts walking slowly towards the mirror. The pair in the chairs do not notice this. Leonara quickly pulls out of the mirror; however the maid follows and puts her hand against the mirror. Black lines start spreading out from the mirror, slowly moving around the room and threatening to cut off the exits. The party smash the mirror, which stops the spread of the blackness, however the maid then starts attempting to climb through the mirror. Gimpli quickly brings his hammer down on top of the maid’s head, splitting her body in half along the cracked frame of the mirror, causing her to disintegrate. Behind the shattered mirror lies a black, shadowy, mirrored version of the room the party stood in.

The party consider heading into this shadowy realm, but decide first to explore the rest of the house and try to work out exactly what’s going on, and what the old pair were discussing. Syros unlocks a door which leads to what the party assume is a dining room. In this room, there is again a mirror, and this again shows a version of the room from what the party assume is the past, with everything in full swing. Everything in this room looks normal, and there is no conversation going on, notably, the maid from earlier appears normal. The party decide to move on.

The party proceed to a smaller room nearer the front of the house, in which they find a cabinet which they failed at opening. They look through the mirror in this room, and see a young girl sitting on the floor, playing with some toys. Leonara put her head through the mirror, and to her surprised, the girl noticed her. The girl and Leonara talked, and Leonara learned that that the girl knew she was somehow special, as she was born on the 20th year. A maid entered the room, and asked the girl who she was speaking to, to which the girl replied “the people in the mirror”. The maid, seems to assume she is just playing then tells the girl that she wasn’t allowed to play in this room, and took her away.

The party then proceeded upstairs, and the first room that they entered, once again, had a mirror in. Through the mirror they saw the girl having a conversation with her Mother (The elderly woman from earlier). Leonara once again put her head through the mirror in order to listen to the conversation. The mother was telling the daughter off because she was falling in love with a boy from the town, and that she had to remain pure for the ritual that was to take place on her 18th Birthday. The girl became very annoyed at this, stating that she should be allowed to do what she wants. They both then left.

The next room once again had the girl on the other side of the mirror. Leaning through and talking to her, Leonara learned that the girl had been locked in her room by her Mother, to ensure that she did not become impure before her 18th birthday. We vowed to rescue the girl, but she said it was pointless. Ignoring the warnings, we all walked through the mirror and attempted to rescue her from this past. We attempted to open her door from the inside, but were unable to, so we attempted to break a window. Leonara readied her bow and fired an arrow at the window, however the whole window appeared to flex and ripple outwards from where the arrow hit it, and in the rippled a faint face of a demon could be seen. The girl explained that everything that has happened and will happen is being caused by this demon, which controls the house through time and can move through the mirrors. She tells us that there’s no point trying to help her here, as this has already happened, and we need to resolve the problem in the present day.

We looked back through the mirror, and we saw the elderly man and woman staring at us, grinning wickedly. We flipped the mirror over, and we see the current day, dusty version of the girl’s room through it. We passed back through, letting the girl know that we would definitely rescue her and resolve what had happened. Upon returning to the room, Leonara flipped the mirror to see the elderly couple again. With one last strike, the glass shattered and the man reached out through the mirror to try to grab her.

Night 5 - Temple Run

Once at the temple, it became clear to the group that a strange reddy glow was emanating from the building, and there were signs of a large battle having taken place outside the temple itself. It was clear that not all was well, and something quite serious had occurred. The group were welcomed to the temple and intorduced to a man who would become their ‘handler’ during their time at the temple.

He informed the group that the crystal that they had given as a present to Unendebard had destroyed the temple and that it had allowed fire creatures to appear who had taken control of the temple, destroying numerous sacred artifacts and religious symbols that were of great value to the people of Unendabard. After more discussions with their new handler and some of the men who were also around the temple, the group discoved that these creatures, although powerful were able to be killed, but they did however not know how many there were inside the temple itself.

So the group decided to charge across what was clearly a battlefield with a cannon fodder line of guards in front of them who were in the mighty duck formation (also known as the ‘V’ formation for those who do not follow sports films), and were able to reach the entrance to the temple without incident. The guards would go no further and the fantatic five ventured forth into the unknown depths of the temple. After exploring for a bit and looting some gold pieces from a stash hidden in a chest, even with much protesting from Gimpli who claimed it was against his religion to take the gold, the group came across a steep staircase that led down to a corridor which could barely be made out in the distance. Arno Graveltoes summoned his tiny viper to go take a peek at what he could see in the depths. He relayed back to fear, the level of heat being fairly intolerable and nearly being raped, at which point Arno Graveltoes called him back for fear for his snakes safety. The group plowed on down the stairs caring little for the heat or potential dangers that they may face. In the large room that they entered, were a number of fire enemys who were quickly slain with little damage taken by any of our group.

After some more exploration and a narrow escape from a couple of Archons following Ennal of Phistor’s need to take some gold from a humming chest and some really terrible trap detection from Syros, the explorers came across a room with a crystal in it. Arno immediately recognised it as the crystal that Calm had given to Unendabard as a gift, although it had changed colour and was now a deep fiery red. Without wanting to disturb the crystal too much due to the sheer amount of magic pulsating from it, Leonara managed to enclose the crystal into an obsidian box, at which point the heat and fire in the temple subsided to a 10ft radius around the box.

There was one more room left to explore and the group duly entered the room, even with some degree of hesitation from Leonara Golas who just wanted to leave with the crystal, at which point they encountered the Hooded Man. After a brief flurry of conversation during which the Hooded Man briefly showed some of his power by grasping Syros in some sort of telekinetic grip and throwing him across the room, before vanishing with a warning that he would be back to see them in a few days.

The group then fled the temple as quickly as they could where they relayed all that had happened to their handler ouside the temple, before being taken back to the city in the caravan and then boarding the boat back to Calm.

Night 4 - Jailbait... Sorry 'break'

Once in jail, our entrapped band of adventures managed to devise a cunning escape plan without talking to each other or alerting the two guards who were watching over them. To begin the escape, Ennal pretended to fiddle with the lock to his cell (after of course Syros blatantly obvious attempt to pick his lock in plain view of the guards which inevitably failed) at which point Arno cast Ghost sound to simulate the noise of a cell door being unlocked. This drew the attention of the more stupid guard who began to come over to investigate. Gimpli was then able to command the guard over to his cell where Syros managed to ninja the keys away from the guard. With keys in hand Syros boldly took it upon himself to open the lock on his cell door which he succeeded in doing and managed to push the door ajar before being skewered and penetrated by the guards 70ft long spear of doom. due to the nature of his injuries Syros, who had taken one for the team decided to just be dead for a while so as not to actually be killed whilst Gimpli tried to heal him of his horrific wounds. In the meanwhile, Leonara flashed the 2nd guard a bit of tasteful side-boob and managed to steal his spear from him, at which point he yelled out and more guards came into the room. Arno in all his sorcerer wonder put most of them to sleep except one guard who backed away to the door. Leonara being, being very dexterous managed to steal two more spears from the now quite asleep guards on the floor. Arno then used his mage hand to take the key from Syros and gave it to Ennal who promptly unlocked the door to his cell and ran over to protect Syros from being stabbed yet again, and became embroiled in a grappling war with the guard outside the cell. More guards then poured into the jail and moved menacingly towards the would be escapees. At which point Arno, who had used all his magic on sleep spells, Gimpli who had used all his heals trying to revive Syros, Syros who by this point had managed to stop writhing on the floor and nicked the guards spear, Ennal who had punched a guard unconscious and Leonara who had done nothing but look pretty and steal a few spears, decided it would be futile to try and escape lest more permanent damage be wreaked upon them and gave themselves up.

The guards then knocked the party members out and took them to separate cells where they stayed until their ‘trial’. When trial day arrived the group were taken to the court room where they were met by a large number of guards some of which they recognised from the escape attempt at which point Leonara cracked some jokes about being hit by a girl, which promptly brought her a swift crack from the guards spear on the back of her head, before the judge began to speak. He blamed the party for a ‘terror atrocity’ upon one of their most sacred temples, and demanded that they pay for their sacrilege. He sent them to the, now deserted, temple to undo the damage they had caused. The group not really any wiser to why they had been arrested were taken, by caravan, to the temple which took a couple of days travel. where they began to hatch a plan to undo the damage……

Night 3

Having found and vanquished the Goblin Chief and his summoned bonedrinker the party acquire the goblins magical fire hat of awesome +1, after some torturous questioning of the dying goblin they discover that the hat, actually a ring, was given to him by a man in hooded brown robes.

Having returned to the local town the group report to the mayor claiming to have vanquished the source of the local fires, after some minor threats from mayor douche the third the group decide to rest only to discover that Syros` wet dream activates the ring during the night causing a fiery trickle down his leg. As nobody in this small village is able to determine the power of the ring or how it can be used effectively the troupe head back to serendipity to report their success to Captain Brennon.

Captain Brenan arranges a meeting with a high ranking wizard and his lowly sorcerer companion, they reveal that the ring is a horrifically powerful magical item encased in a basic ring the wizard offers to put the ring in to storage to prevent it from accidentally destroying the town. The sorcerer reveals himself to be an envoy who delivered a crystal to the neighboring kingdom of Unendabard however for some reason the king of Calm has decided that he wants the crystal back because that’s what decent people do, they give someone a present then ask for it back a couple of years later. Anyway with the sorcerer in tow the group are tasked with heading to Unendabard under the guise of providing an honour guard for the group there to collect the crystal but are really there to investigate the first groups disappearance.

The group board the ship to Unendabard. At the end of the second week of the voyage. The group notice yellow circles appearing in the water around the ship, before too long the circles begin spitting rocks onto the ship, the more dexterous members of the group begin to punt the rocks back into the water and throwing water onto ones which burst into flame, the group also notice a mysterious man in brown disappearing below deck before the rocks began firing onto deck but after dispatching with the minor rocks and the larger golem which followed, he was nowhere to be found.

The party arrive in Unendabard and head to meet with the king, before too long they sense that this is not going to be an easy trip as guards begin to encircle them, reacting quickly they grab their small escort to act as a human shield against their inevitable death, the escort however is willing to die for their king and so the party willing surrender with the hope to fight again another time.

The group is split as follows:

  • Arno and Ennal
  • Gimpli and Syros
  • Leonara is put on her own

The group is housed in the same prison block but a few cells apart.


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