The King's Guild

Night One

Captain Brennon sent group to investigate events at Serendipity

Spheres of fire, intense heat, 3 second duration, random location x,y,z, random size. Distinct smell of sulfur after each occurrence.

occurrence noted in Falloak approx 1 mile north of Serendipity within last few months.

Happened before (approx 1 year ago)at Fairmount. The priest blamed Aparith as result of goblins.
Goblin Chieftain unique hat with red ‘item’ in it. Goblins chased off but not all killed, chief alive.
Small (much smaller than events in Serendipity) burnt stones around goblin cave (1 year old) most likely result of smaller scale fires.

We should check around Serendipity for caves etc or somewhere goblins could inhabit.


Thank you to whoever did this.

Night One
magical_kiwi magical_kiwi

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