The King's Guild

Night 9

The journey south

Upon their return to Eloith the party headed for a debriefing with Captain Brennon. After explaining the situation the found in Unendabard, their quest into the Unendabardian temple and the return trip. The party asked Brennon when they could have an audience with Councilman Lanstrom. Brennon informed the party that The councilor had been missing for a number of weeks. He organised a meeting for party with a member of the Mage Guild in order to investigate any magical properties of the jewel further. However, the next day when the party attended the meeting, Arno Graveltoes does not appear. After apologising to the representative from the Mage Guild, the party split into two groups. The first group set off to the council chambers in which Lanstrom disappeared. They discovered, in a corridor that lead off from the chambers (the last place the councilor was seen), a scorch mark about 3 foot in diameter on the stone floor and adjacent walls. Meanwhile the second group headed to Arno’s house in order to look for him. After knocking the door to no avail they decided break in. They did not find Arno inside and noted that the house did not look like it had been lived in for several months; on the floor was a scorch mark. The party reformed and decided to search out the councilors aides in order to question them. In both of the aide’s houses they found an almost identical set of circumstances; houses empty of their owners, with evidence that suggested a lack of residency for a number of months and scorch marks on the floor.

The next day the party were summoned to a meeting with Brennon. Syros was being re-assigned and the party were introduced to his replacement Vori. Vori was a Calm spy working in Asoit. He is the only formally assigned Calm citizen to return from Asoit since just before the hostilities began, all others (diplomats, ambassodors etc) have gone silent and failed to return. Vori speaks of attacks, apparently originating from Calm, bombarding Asoit lands and villages. The party were then assigned a new mission: Due to the recent skirmishes against an influx of Orc raiding parties, the dissapearence of Calm officials and the troubling revelations brought to light by Vori, the party was charged with discovering the root of these incidents, and, if possible, begin a peaceful dialogue with the Asoit chief.

The party set off and crossed the border south without incident. As they made their way south-east towards The Asoit capital city of Kegth, the party passed several villages; the first two, those closest to the border with Calm had been almost completely burnt out, the only remnants being the occasional charred rafter or wall post. Elsewhere around the area were patches of earth (6-12 foot diameter) where the grass had been burnt away and the ground cracked from heat. As the party ventured further south on their journey, they encountered several hosts of Orcs heading north towards Calm, the last of which, about a day out of Kegth, numbered at at around 1-1.5k. Ennal of Phistor spoke to members some of the smaller hosts (the rest of the party hid from sight); everyone Ennal spoke to said pretty much the same thing, Calm had attacked them and that they were mobilizing in preparation for potential hostilities.

With the Capital now in sight, the party resides on a cliff side and discuss how to approach the Orc city.


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