The King's Guild

NIght 8

The return to Calm

The party escaped the house via the basement door. Looking back at the house, a thick grey smoke like substance filled the house and writhed against the windows. The party made their way around to the front of the house, staving off the relentless attacks of the endlessly copied occupants of the house and as they approached the frontage, the house’s ornate double doors burst into splinters and the smoke like substance oozed out taking the shape of the demon Kajarn as it did so. This demon appeared to be able to teleport and attack instantaneously. Eventually defeated by the players, the demon’s essences was sucked back into the roiling mass of energy that still filled the house. No sooner had the party began to lower their guard, when the timbers began to groan as the energy strained against it. The structure of the mansion burst outward under the pressure of the energy, as debris rained down around the party. the energy, now free, began to take a new form; armoured with large, ragged chunks of the house, the form while unmistakably Kajarn was now much bulkier. Debris from the house spun around the demon as if caught in the throes of a tornado and the players had to smash their way to their foe, dodging, stone and timber fragments as well as the crushing blows from the 8.5 meter fiend itself. Finally the party subdued the demon, as it’s essence dissipated into the surrounding atmosphere, the ghostly apparition of the teenage girl who had began this whole detour could be seen momentarily before her form broke up and flitted away as if on the same wind which carried the one who had for so long tormentor her soul.

The party decided to search the wreckage of the house and found what looks like a wand, tipped with an opal about 4 inches long and 3 wide, the wand has a golden handle which makes up the rest of its 10 inch length. The opal is affixed to the handle with 4 golden claws at 90 degrees from one another that curve perfectly around the lower half of the Opal.

With the curse lifted, the villagers are more than happy to lend assistance to the damaged caravan and the party set off, completing their journey without further incident.


magical_kiwi magical_kiwi

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