The King's Guild

Night 6 - The House of the Dead

After an eventless boat trip, the party arrived back in Unendabard. We decided to head back to Captain Brennon to report on the outcome of our mission; to this end, we decided to accompany a convoy back to Serendipity. There had been some reports of attacks in the area, and while we did see some camps in the distance, it appeared that the journey was going to continue without incident.

However, at that moment, a figure of a ghostly girl suddenly appeared in front of the convoy, whispering “help me”. This startled the horses, causing the carriage to topple over, crushing some of the guards and damaging one of the carriage’s wheels. By the time the party had realised what had happened, the girl had disappeared. The party quickly set to work in healing the injured guards and freeing those that had been trapped when the carriage fell over.

We decided that we would need some professional assistance to get the carriage back up and running, however we did not want to leave the people in the convoy alone, due to the recent reported attacks. Arno and Syros headed north to the village of Headland Edge, to attempt to find a carpenter who could help repair the broken wheel.

There was something immediately eerie about the village; there seemed to be very few people about. Arno and Syros went into the nearest shop, to ask if there was a carpenter in town who would be able to help them. However, the despondent shopkeeper simply replied that they should not have come to the town; that they were now trapped here, as it was impossible to leave. They questioned the shopkeeper further, however it seemed that he was either unable or unwilling to give them more information as to why they could not leave.

Meanwhile, Leonara had sent her hawk to check on Arno and Syros’ progress. Upon getting the feeling from the hawk that the pair might be in trouble, and having restored all the convoy’s guards to health, the rest of the party headed north to the village. They met up with Arno and Syros, who explained what they’d been told.

Suddenly, the sky went black, as if the sun had been turned out. A veil of blackness could be seen starting at the edges of the village, and slowly moving towards the centre. In addition, ghosts were appearing around the party, and slowly chasing them. The party looked around and realised that this artificial night was centered on a large house which lay at the top of a hill, and so ran towards it, in an attempt to find out what was causing the darkness.

Upon reaching the house, the party try to open every door and window they come across, only to find that they do not move at all. Spells are cast, but the party is unable to ascertain whether these doors are being held closed by a magical force, although it certainly feels that way, as they do not move at all. At this point, the ghosts have caught up the party, and are just about to spectrally rape them, when suddenly the veil, ghosts, and darkness all fade, and the party are left not knowing what they just experienced.

The party decide to try and enter the house again, as it’s clear that whatever this phenomenon was, it originated from there. To their surprise, they find that the front door is now unlocked, and able to be easily opened. They step into the house in trepidation, unsure what they will find inside.

They start exploring rooms in the bottom floor of the house, however it appears that no-one has lived here in ages. The furniture is covered up, and every surface is thick with dust. Just as the party believe they are alone, a ghostly figure of an old man with a cane appears and speaks to them. He tells them that they will die, because “he” has wished it so. When they try to question the man as to the identity of this antagonist, they are met with silence. They attempt to attack the man, however their attacks go right through him, and he disappears, laughing.

The party proceed into what they assume is the main room downstairs. In this room, there are a couple of dusty, old chairs, in front of a fireplace with a large mirror above it. The party looked into the mirror, and discovered that the view in the mirror was that of this room, however it looked like it was in the past. There was an old man with a cane and an elderly woman sitting in the chairs, and they’re having a discussion, however the sound is muffled and the party cannot make out what the pair are saying. Leonara reaches out to touch the mirror, and much to her surprise, her hand goes right through it. On her hand, she can feel the warmth of the fire beneath the mirror; as it is lit in this ‘mirror-world’. Despite the fact that the pair in the chairs are looking at the mirror, neither of them respond to what would, on their end, look like a hand coming out of the mirror. Leonara proceeds to stick her whole head through the mirror, and finds that once she is on the other side, she can clearly hear the discussion. The discussion is talking about a girl whose birthday is coming up, but she “has bled”, and they sound concerned that because she is not suitable, something will go wrong. However, they decide that they are going ahead with it anyway, as there are no other options.

At this moment, a maid enters the mirror-room. She is dressed in dirty, tattered clothes, and looks very out of place in this clean, posh household. She places down drink for the pair, and then turns around her face and hands are rotten and desiccated. Upon seeing Leonara in the mirror, she reaches out her hand and screams, and starts walking slowly towards the mirror. The pair in the chairs do not notice this. Leonara quickly pulls out of the mirror; however the maid follows and puts her hand against the mirror. Black lines start spreading out from the mirror, slowly moving around the room and threatening to cut off the exits. The party smash the mirror, which stops the spread of the blackness, however the maid then starts attempting to climb through the mirror. Gimpli quickly brings his hammer down on top of the maid’s head, splitting her body in half along the cracked frame of the mirror, causing her to disintegrate. Behind the shattered mirror lies a black, shadowy, mirrored version of the room the party stood in.

The party consider heading into this shadowy realm, but decide first to explore the rest of the house and try to work out exactly what’s going on, and what the old pair were discussing. Syros unlocks a door which leads to what the party assume is a dining room. In this room, there is again a mirror, and this again shows a version of the room from what the party assume is the past, with everything in full swing. Everything in this room looks normal, and there is no conversation going on, notably, the maid from earlier appears normal. The party decide to move on.

The party proceed to a smaller room nearer the front of the house, in which they find a cabinet which they failed at opening. They look through the mirror in this room, and see a young girl sitting on the floor, playing with some toys. Leonara put her head through the mirror, and to her surprised, the girl noticed her. The girl and Leonara talked, and Leonara learned that that the girl knew she was somehow special, as she was born on the 20th year. A maid entered the room, and asked the girl who she was speaking to, to which the girl replied “the people in the mirror”. The maid, seems to assume she is just playing then tells the girl that she wasn’t allowed to play in this room, and took her away.

The party then proceeded upstairs, and the first room that they entered, once again, had a mirror in. Through the mirror they saw the girl having a conversation with her Mother (The elderly woman from earlier). Leonara once again put her head through the mirror in order to listen to the conversation. The mother was telling the daughter off because she was falling in love with a boy from the town, and that she had to remain pure for the ritual that was to take place on her 18th Birthday. The girl became very annoyed at this, stating that she should be allowed to do what she wants. They both then left.

The next room once again had the girl on the other side of the mirror. Leaning through and talking to her, Leonara learned that the girl had been locked in her room by her Mother, to ensure that she did not become impure before her 18th birthday. We vowed to rescue the girl, but she said it was pointless. Ignoring the warnings, we all walked through the mirror and attempted to rescue her from this past. We attempted to open her door from the inside, but were unable to, so we attempted to break a window. Leonara readied her bow and fired an arrow at the window, however the whole window appeared to flex and ripple outwards from where the arrow hit it, and in the rippled a faint face of a demon could be seen. The girl explained that everything that has happened and will happen is being caused by this demon, which controls the house through time and can move through the mirrors. She tells us that there’s no point trying to help her here, as this has already happened, and we need to resolve the problem in the present day.

We looked back through the mirror, and we saw the elderly man and woman staring at us, grinning wickedly. We flipped the mirror over, and we see the current day, dusty version of the girl’s room through it. We passed back through, letting the girl know that we would definitely rescue her and resolve what had happened. Upon returning to the room, Leonara flipped the mirror to see the elderly couple again. With one last strike, the glass shattered and the man reached out through the mirror to try to grab her.


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