The King's Guild

Night 5 - Temple Run

Once at the temple, it became clear to the group that a strange reddy glow was emanating from the building, and there were signs of a large battle having taken place outside the temple itself. It was clear that not all was well, and something quite serious had occurred. The group were welcomed to the temple and intorduced to a man who would become their ‘handler’ during their time at the temple.

He informed the group that the crystal that they had given as a present to Unendebard had destroyed the temple and that it had allowed fire creatures to appear who had taken control of the temple, destroying numerous sacred artifacts and religious symbols that were of great value to the people of Unendabard. After more discussions with their new handler and some of the men who were also around the temple, the group discoved that these creatures, although powerful were able to be killed, but they did however not know how many there were inside the temple itself.

So the group decided to charge across what was clearly a battlefield with a cannon fodder line of guards in front of them who were in the mighty duck formation (also known as the ‘V’ formation for those who do not follow sports films), and were able to reach the entrance to the temple without incident. The guards would go no further and the fantatic five ventured forth into the unknown depths of the temple. After exploring for a bit and looting some gold pieces from a stash hidden in a chest, even with much protesting from Gimpli who claimed it was against his religion to take the gold, the group came across a steep staircase that led down to a corridor which could barely be made out in the distance. Arno Graveltoes summoned his tiny viper to go take a peek at what he could see in the depths. He relayed back to fear, the level of heat being fairly intolerable and nearly being raped, at which point Arno Graveltoes called him back for fear for his snakes safety. The group plowed on down the stairs caring little for the heat or potential dangers that they may face. In the large room that they entered, were a number of fire enemys who were quickly slain with little damage taken by any of our group.

After some more exploration and a narrow escape from a couple of Archons following Ennal of Phistor’s need to take some gold from a humming chest and some really terrible trap detection from Syros, the explorers came across a room with a crystal in it. Arno immediately recognised it as the crystal that Calm had given to Unendabard as a gift, although it had changed colour and was now a deep fiery red. Without wanting to disturb the crystal too much due to the sheer amount of magic pulsating from it, Leonara managed to enclose the crystal into an obsidian box, at which point the heat and fire in the temple subsided to a 10ft radius around the box.

There was one more room left to explore and the group duly entered the room, even with some degree of hesitation from Leonara Golas who just wanted to leave with the crystal, at which point they encountered the Hooded Man. After a brief flurry of conversation during which the Hooded Man briefly showed some of his power by grasping Syros in some sort of telekinetic grip and throwing him across the room, before vanishing with a warning that he would be back to see them in a few days.

The group then fled the temple as quickly as they could where they relayed all that had happened to their handler ouside the temple, before being taken back to the city in the caravan and then boarding the boat back to Calm.


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