The King's Guild

Night 3

Having found and vanquished the Goblin Chief and his summoned bonedrinker the party acquire the goblins magical fire hat of awesome +1, after some torturous questioning of the dying goblin they discover that the hat, actually a ring, was given to him by a man in hooded brown robes.

Having returned to the local town the group report to the mayor claiming to have vanquished the source of the local fires, after some minor threats from mayor douche the third the group decide to rest only to discover that Syros` wet dream activates the ring during the night causing a fiery trickle down his leg. As nobody in this small village is able to determine the power of the ring or how it can be used effectively the troupe head back to serendipity to report their success to Captain Brennon.

Captain Brenan arranges a meeting with a high ranking wizard and his lowly sorcerer companion, they reveal that the ring is a horrifically powerful magical item encased in a basic ring the wizard offers to put the ring in to storage to prevent it from accidentally destroying the town. The sorcerer reveals himself to be an envoy who delivered a crystal to the neighboring kingdom of Unendabard however for some reason the king of Calm has decided that he wants the crystal back because that’s what decent people do, they give someone a present then ask for it back a couple of years later. Anyway with the sorcerer in tow the group are tasked with heading to Unendabard under the guise of providing an honour guard for the group there to collect the crystal but are really there to investigate the first groups disappearance.

The group board the ship to Unendabard. At the end of the second week of the voyage. The group notice yellow circles appearing in the water around the ship, before too long the circles begin spitting rocks onto the ship, the more dexterous members of the group begin to punt the rocks back into the water and throwing water onto ones which burst into flame, the group also notice a mysterious man in brown disappearing below deck before the rocks began firing onto deck but after dispatching with the minor rocks and the larger golem which followed, he was nowhere to be found.

The party arrive in Unendabard and head to meet with the king, before too long they sense that this is not going to be an easy trip as guards begin to encircle them, reacting quickly they grab their small escort to act as a human shield against their inevitable death, the escort however is willing to die for their king and so the party willing surrender with the hope to fight again another time.

The group is split as follows:

  • Arno and Ennal
  • Gimpli and Syros
  • Leonara is put on her own

The group is housed in the same prison block but a few cells apart.


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