The King's Guild

Night 2

The party set off back to Serendipity in order to follow up the lead. They spoke to a cartographer in order to ascertain potential nests for band of goblins.

Having checked multiple locations finding nothing of note, we stumbled onto a group of goblins attacking a different faction. Preceding to take our opportunity the goblins were quickly dispatched, even after Gimpli’s fumble that almost incapacitated Ennal.
healed a survivor who after a little intimidation gave some information on the where about the Goblin Chief
After a nights rest the group marched forth to the goblin base to find the chief. When we did, he was surrounded by 20 goblins. Though some banter we tricked the chief into counjouring a fireball which incinerated half his force. The group quickly seized the chance to strike with Leonara firing a flurry of arrows at the cheif while Gimpli, Ennaland Syros moved to clear the remaining goblins.
Upon seeing dire circumstances the Goblin Chief fled inside the cave dragging the corpse of one of his fallen kinsman with him. After when we pursued the Chief inside we saw him using the corpse to rise a Bone Drinker


magical_kiwi Holmies

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