The King's Guild

Night 13

Unlucky for gimpli

The ever grateful captain Brennon offers the party a relaxing holiday to the town of Aldsummer, of course as members of the king’s guild there will be work to do, but just the investigation of some run of the mill burglaries.

After a smooth journey the party spy one of the last remaining walled towns in Kalm, most other walled towns had been torn down or left to ruin, however this one was too well maintained for a peaceful area.

Upon entering the town the party head to meet their contact “Beadle” at the parish church. Inspite of him having asked for aid from the king’s guild Beadle seems dismissive and recommends that the party ask the other clerical staff for more information on such a menial task.

Beadles blatant dislike of the townsfolk was noted, and with further investigation of the other townsfolk it became apparent that something odd was happening in this seemingly peaceful hamlet.

In every break in, nothing of value was taken however all of the mirrors in the house were smashed. The party query of their are any vendors in town who specialise in mirrors but are simply directed to the furniture shop.

The party paid a visit to a wealthy couple who had been victims of a break in, although there were no signs of forced entry they believed that the maids had left a door open allowing the intruder in. Even in a house filled with valuables nothing was stolen. Once again though the mirrors had been smashed.

The lady of the manor insisted that they repair her favourite mirror, a family heirloom, however it was soon noticed that a shard was missing. Vori ask’s if she can borrow the mirror intending to have a more experienced mage cast scrying to locate the missing part. The wealthy family consent and the party head to meet the local mage and her home.

It quickly becomes apparent that the mage had also been burgled, same MO and a piece of her mirror was also missing. The entourage begin to suspect that in a world of magic mirrors that someone could be attempting to construct their own. The mage speculates that as mirrors are known to capture periods of time that this may be what the theif was after, and finally adds a chilling thought, “if they’re after what has been captured by the mirror…(ellipsis) that would be me wouldn’t it?”

Still untrusting of the mage Vori requests that Leonara and her eidolon continue to survey the mage overnight. The rest of the group report to the tavern to rest.

Gimpli is awoken by a loud sound, he immediately grabs for his mace and shield in a panic, casting light upon them to help with his fear of the dark. Eyes wide he scans the room for the source of the sound seeing nothing but feeling he is under constant observation. His eyes dart around the room as he tries to calm himself. He catches glimpse of a figure in the mirror, but then nothing, he moves closer and notices four claw marks on the glass. Gimpli hears the beats of his own heart and continues toi stare into the mirror.

The vision ripples, gimpli’s eyes change, then his armour and tunic until he no longer looks like himself,


The breaking of the mirror brings Gimpli back to himself, he quickly bangs on the neighbouring wall to awake Ennal. Gimpli explains the situation and ask’s Ennal to fetch Vori as she may have more knowledge on what is happening.

Based on the parties previous experience with mirrors Vori recommends that they try and repair the mirrior and turn it over, this has no effect.

Come morning the party return to Beadle in the church. Seemingly in a more helpful mood he confirms that townsfolk have been going missing following these burglaries, some have fled the town others cannot be located at all. He also mentioned an antique mirror collector who lives in the town. With raised eyebrows and insults under their breath the party head towards the collectors home.

A knock at the door reveals that no one is home, the party subtly enter the house noticing it to be a very spartan place. A scan of the house reveals a source of magic coming from the attic, when nearing the entrance the party can see that the ladder has been already pulled down to allow access.

Cautiously heading up into the attac the party see a small table again the far wall containing items emitting magic wrapped in handkerchiefs, one seemingly more powerful than the others. The party quickly deduce that these are the stolen shards of mirror. Next to he table is a large rectangular shape covered in a sheet and at its feet lies the corpse of the mirror collector clutching another shard of mirror, his body has suffered multiple stab wounds likely from a sword.

Leonara moves to the covered object and pulls of the sheet revealing, to no ones surprise, a mirror constructed of shards of broken mirror, she collects the piece from the collectors hand and moves towards the mirror, the party watch with baited breath as her expression changes, Reflected in the mirror is a patchwork humanoid figure standing behind Leonara. The figure in the mirror grasps Leonara’s reflection around the neck and begins to strangle her; the real Leonara, feels the cold smooth hands close around her neck. She manages to break free and roll away. When the party looks back to the mirror, the patchwork figure has left.


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