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Calm Monthly – July 779

Councilman Lanstrom Missing

The King’s Councilman for Foreign Affairs recently disappeared during a meeting of the council.
The councilor, who has held his office for almost a decade after succeeding the his predecessor Councilman Amaco, was last seen during the first half of a standard, weekly meeting of the council. The council adjourned for a short lunch, and when the meeting was resumed, the councilman was no where to be found and has not been seen since. Their is no official word on his whereabouts with the palace stating that it was too early for concern to be raised as it was quite common for councilmen to have to leave the city, sometimes at little or no notice to deal with business. No family members could be tracked for comment at this time.

War Brewing in the South?

It has been confirmed that in the past few weeks, Asoit raiding parties consisting of Orcs and Half-Orcs have attacked caravans and small outlying villigaes along our border with the country. At one time, such raiding parties were common, however, after the tribes were united under one banner by their now warlord Gransom Hellfang such raids have ceased and our two countries have co-existed peacefully; some even say limited trading had begun between the out two powers. Since the first attacks two weeks ago, additional guards have been assigned ti villages and townships as far north as Serendipity. Contact between the raiding parties and our own our forces has resulted in minor skirmishes in most cases. Addressing the matter, the palace released this statement earlier in the week "We will pursue every option available to us in order to ensure that this matter is dealt with in a peaceful manner. However, if this cannot be solved via peaceful means, our armies stand ready to defend our people and our borders.

The King's Guild

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